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Fable Type Foundry creates bespoke and custom typefaces for digital and print.


For all commercial purposes, including designs for clients, presentations, and logos, users will need to purchase a commercial licence in order to use Fable Type Foundry Typefaces.

In the event that only the designer will access the font, then the designer is the only party required to purchase a licence. This will include freelancers, partner design studios, advertising agencies, and other suppliers. If a client also intends to use the font, then both parties i.e. designer and client, must purchase individual licences.

For more information, please refer to the EULA .


If the Fable Foundry Typeface is converted to outlines, they can be freely edited.

However, users are not allowed to customise the font file itself or use created shapes to generate new font file version of their own.

Please note that Fable Type Foundry Typefaces can be experimental and may contain particular quirks. We offer tester kits, please contact us for more information.

Education Discounts

Fable Type Foundry offers discounts to students, as well as employees of educational institutions.

Do email us at type@fable.sg to find out more.

What are my
payment options?

We accept all major credit cards.
Payment is processed through the website.

Are the fonts refundable?

All sales are final and we do not offer refunds.

How about my personal information?

Fable Type Foundry does not retain any payment information in our database.

What is the format you deliver?

Fable Type Foundry Typefaces come in OpenType fonts (OTF). 

Do you a offer custom typeface service?

Yes, we do. If you are looking at a custom type solution for yourself, your company or your client, do contact us. 

Still confused?

Do email us at type@fable.sg and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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